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All You Need To Know About Phenolic Resin

Posted by Admin on June, 28, 2019

Phenol resins, also known as phenol formaldehyde resins, are synthetic based polymers which are obtained from the reaction of phenol with any formaldehyde. This phenol formaldehyde is a fantastic commercial synthetic resin which has been widely used as a basis for Bakelite.

These resins are widely known and utilized in the production of molded products like billiards balls, countertops for laboratories and in some cases, also as coatings or adhesives. Initially, this synthetic component was popularly used as a primary material for making circuit boards.

However, with changing preferences, the material used in the production of these circuit boards got replaced with the epoxy resins and cloth made up of fibreglass. It is because this material is resistant to fire and is comparatively more durable.

The production method of phenol resins

Coming to the production method of these phenolic resins, there are two ways.

In the first case, the phenol is made to react with formaldehyde directly leading to the production of a thermosetting network of polymers.

In the second case, formaldehyde is restricted to produce a special pre-polymer known as the novolac. This can be easily molded and curved according to requirement. Next, more formaldehyde can be added to attain the perfect shape and then heated.

Apart from these two basic methods, there are several under variations available based on the different techniques in the production process and the materials utilized.

Various types of phenolic resin

The idea of phenolic resins can be broadly divided into two basic types, namely, the novolacs and the resoles. Both these phenolic resins have high-temperature stability to the range of 300 to 350°C. It can even sustain high water and is chemically stable too. Usually, these resins have a dark colour shade of colours like yellow and dark red. They are available in the outer market at an excellent price range providing unique performance profile.

As per the phenolic resin supplier in Mumbai, these resins are widely found in a myriad of various types of industrial products. They are usually used in the production of multiple kinds of circuit boards and production of better-known products like balls for billiards, countertop, adhesive, etc.

Application of Phenol Resins

These phenolic resins are mostly utilized in the industrial sector for the production of different types of industrial product. The phenolic laminates are manufactured by impregnation of one or more layers of a base material like paper, carbon or fibreglass with the phenolic resin.

It laminates the saturated base material of the adhesive under constant heat and pressure. During the production process, the resin gets fully polymerized too. Wholesale phenolic resin supplier in Mumbai provides an excellent option for choosing a proper base material depending on the application of the finished product.

Paper-based phenolics are also widely used in the manufacture of electrical components like punch through boards and other such household laminates. Glass phenolics are a fantastic option utilized in the high speed bearing market.

There are also phenolic micro balloons which are used for controlling density. Various types of ball games also make use of phenol resin for making quality balls. Apart from that, it is also used in the manufacture of an instrument like brake pads, brake shoes, and discs of the clutch.

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