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Ensure Quality Graphite Rupture Disc To Get Better Return On Investment

Posted by Admin on November, 23, 2020

A quality graphite rupture disc is a necessity for various industries and sectors. And, while you are looking for the product the right Graphite rupture disc supplier is necessary as well who will understand the requirements.

What is A Graphite Rupture Disc?
This is actually a pressure relief device which usually contains a bursting disc holder as well as the bursting disc. The specification and features of the disc are that it could carry pressure and respond as and when the pressure would increase. They are available usually in metal and non-metal corrosion-resistant materials. They are suitable for any kind of situation when it comes to low pressure as well as high temperatures even when there is a presence of extremely corrosive media.

Usually, these products are manufactured using the highest quality material and the maximum working pressure of the device is 80% of minimum burst pressure. Usually, these rupture discs are applicable for highest temperature using a unique PVC coating which is a very special chemical vapour deposition coating. The product could withstand from -180 degree Celsius up to +500 degree Celsius under reducing atmosphere and oxidising too. And under inert conditions, it could be up to +1,500 degree Celsius. And, within this range, the graphite rupture disc also comes with vacuum and backpressure support.

Depending on what the nominal pipe size and the application is, the rupture discs could be directly installed between flanges. Graphite rupture disc supplier in India, you should always purchase based on what the applications are and whether a signalling device is necessary or not with the process control system.

Versatile Application Areas
Usually, the bursting disc could be ordered in two ways either metal or graphite. The holders and accessories are often optimized by suppliers which allow for custom pressure relief solutions. Using this, piping, gas bottles are saved from extra pressure.

When a specified pressure is reached, the bursting discs will release the entire relief cross-section without really closing it again. Nowadays, these devices are used for being reliable over various industrial sectors. They are cost-efficient and are a great replacement of safety valves. Also, the highly corrosive media could damage your existing safety valves, and this protects it and ensures they go on for long.

The Benefits Of Graphite Rupture Disc

• It helps with the reduction of pickling times.

• Also, it helps in recycling inactive pickle liquor.

• It helps in recovering HCL as well as water for reuse.

• It also helps in concentrating iron-chloride for co-product which could be used for a potential sale.

The recovery system of the device works continuously to ensure the acid is maintained at an optimum concentration as well as purity.
• It is a quick return for your investment with the reduction in acid consumption.

• It offers an environmentally safe working place with a safe vacuum process.

• The product from a good graphite rupture disc supplier comes with quality components and automation process minimizing downtime.

Therefore, when you are purchasing a product, ensure you get enough information on the supplier ensuring they are the right choice for what you have in mind regarding graphite rupture disc.

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