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Why Should You Choose Phenolic Resin Countertops In Your Lab?

Posted by Admin on September, 09, 2020

Phenolic resins are the compounds that are formed after combining formaldehyde and phenol. This creates a large network of permanently bonded molecules. The properties of the resin can vary at some points. It depends on the balance of formaldehyde and phenol and also the catalyst which is used as a base or an acid.

Using a base and water with too much of formaldehyde can create a polymer. These are generally used with pressure and heat to form a strong bond between the layers of the plywood. The phenol resin properties generally prized in the extremely plywood. In some case, it also depends on the external plywood that is used in a surrounding which is exposed to harshly condition and moisture.

There is another major class which is known as Novolak. In this process, an acid catalyst and excess phenol are used. The thermoplastic which is generated as the result is then grounded into a fine powder and mixed with filler. These are generally used in heat resisting objects such as knobs and handles for the cookware appliances and electrical connectors. The phenolic resin suppliers in Mumbai have the best material for your use.

Properties of Phenolic Resin

  • These are resistant to chemicals and heat and are perfect for a volatile environment. Phenolic resin is flame resistant and is non-conductive which is why they can be used in the lab and also in an environment which needs compliance with smoke emission, fire safety, toxicity and combustion standards.
  • Along with this, the phenol-formaldehyde resin also has amazing features which include low density, good thermal insulation properties and excellent strength and durability. You can for the different shapes and they can have complex counties. They can adapt to custom equipment and surrounding. Further increasing its utility, today phenol resins are also used in 3D printers.
  • These are commonly used in offshore pipes, mine ventilation, ballistics, electronics, rail and mass transit systems. It is also used in labs as mentioned earlier and also in different areas which need to have durable counters and non-reactive tabletops. Therefore get the best product from reliable and trusted phenolic resin suppliers in Mumbai.

Benefits of Choosing Phenolic Resin Countertops for your lab

  • The phenolic resin wholesaler in Mumbai provides the best materials which are used to make countertops in several industries. If you are looking for a stress-resistant countertop, then nothing is better than phenolic resin countertops. They are durable and last longer. Adding to that they are resistant to scratch and do more allow bacteria or fungus to grow on it.
  • These countertops are resistant to chemicals and corrosion as well. They will make your lab look amazing as they are lightweight and can be made into any desired shape and size.
  • They also have amazing heat resistant property which means it will not burn easily. Your lab is important for your business therefore it is always better to choose quality equipment and furniture for your lab.

Choose the best products from popular and well-known phenolic resin supplier in India and enjoy amazing features and benefits.

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